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Tiger Temple and Bridge of the River Kwai Tour Thailand

Private Tour (No enforced stops at tourist trap, overpriced Gem stores, Craft stores etc on the return trip as you get with all shared tours)

Minimum 2 people

When visiting the Tiger Temple you must wear conservative attire, clothing which covers the shoulders and upper arms, and shorts or skirts which are knee length, also you cannot wear the colours Red or Orange.


7.30am start

You will be picked up from your Bangkok hotel by car or minibus, depending how many people are in your private group, and taken to the Bridge on the River Kwai at Kanchanaburi by about 10am, where you can take in the sights, the bridge, war museums, cemetery and have lunch in one of the floating restaurants on the river Kwai, you can also ride on a train on the Death Railway for 20 baht, when you are ready, the driver will take you the 35 kilometers to the Tiger Temple where you can actually stroke the tigers, or you can go the 50 kilometes ride to see the stunning 7 level Erawan Waterfalls. Then back from there to Bangkok by about 6pm (18:00)

This is a full day trip.


The price includes, driver, car, fuel and tolls, but does not include any entrance fees or lunch.

Price for 2 people in a private car 2495 baht per person
Price for 3 people in a private car 1660 baht per person
Price for 4 / 8 people in a private minibus 6990 baht per minibus


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About The Bridge on the River Kwai and Death Railway, Kanchanaburi.

Kanchanaburi city is 125 kilometers North West of Bangkok on the River Kwai, this is where the famous Bridge on the River Kwai was built to carry the infamous Death Railway across the river. This bridge has become one of the world’s most famous World War 2 historical tourist destinations.

The Thai-Burma Railway, or Death Railway, was a 400 km (250 mile) railway from Bangkok to Rangoon in Burma, it was built by the Japanese in 1943 during World War 2, to supply the troops in the Burma campaign. About 60,000 Allied prisoners of war (POWs) worked on the railway, of these 16,000 died working on the railway.

The first temporary wooden Bridge over the River Kwai was finished in February 1943, followed by a concrete and steel bridge in June 1943. The Allies bombed the bridges many times but only damaged them at first, but in May 1945 they managed to destroy the wooden bridge and breached the steel and concrete bridge in the centre. In 1946 when the war had finished two rectangular central sections were shipped from Japan to repair the bridge, and donated to Thailand. The arched sections are original.

After the war the railway needed heavy reconstruction, by 1958 the line had been rebuilt up to Nam Tok which is where it finishes today.

Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi, (approx 35 kilometers from River Kwai Bridge)

In 1999, the first tiger cub was given to the temple, it had been found by local villagers apparently abandoned by its mother, over time several other tiger cubs were donated if their mothers had been killed by poachers or people’s tiger pets grew too large. The tigers are caged for most of the day, being walked between 12 noon and 4pm, they are fed on cooked chicken and dry food so they do not acquire a taste for raw meat.

Local and international volunteers and temple monks look after the tigers. Originally, the tigers could roam free in the temple grounds, but with the increase in visitors, they are now leashed or chained. Visitors can stroke, sit with and pet the tigers. The temple charges an entry fee of 600 baht to help the funding of a larger sanctuary; there are about 600 visitors per day come to the temple. Opening hours are from 12 noon to 4:30pm every day.

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Bridge on the River Kwai and Tiger Temple Tour

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